Festival des Lumières – Black tea with ginger, timut pepper and calendula 50 GR


Take a trip to Bangkok, in Thailand for a magnificent show. A light and spicy black tea with ginger and timut pepper. Timut pepper gives a fruity smell to this balanced tea on the palate.


The traditional Festival of Lights and Lanterns is one of the most beautiful and popular in Thailand. At the end of the rainy season, on the evening of the full moon of the 12th lunar month, Loy Krathong is celebrated throughout Thailand, especially near waterways and by the sea.
Thai people honor Mae Khongkha, a sort of Hindu water goddess, and water spirits, who play a significant role in the life of the country. They implore forgiveness for the pollution of rivers and streams, and ask for clemency in view of good harvests.
The Thais make krathong or flower boats, tiny boats made from banana leaves. Their shape evokes the lotus flower. A lit candle, incense and flowers are placed there. Thai people place these small candles on the rivers, as well as khongs to exorcise their faults and grudges. They also drive away the worries of everyday life by releasing lanterns reputed to be celestial into the sky. A spectacle of beauty in the night.


It is a black tea from the EVASION collection which includes a wide variety of teas and infusions which pay homage to imaginary or real places and which make travel the time of a tea…

Available in several formats, cardboard refill of 50gr or 100gr.