Jardin de Bagatelle – Organic green tea with pomegranate, pistachio and rosebuds 50 GR


A sencha green tea with floral and fruity notes, this is the promise of our Jardin de Bagatelle tea.

We imagined a light and poetic tea that combines the vegetal and floral side of the bagatelle garden…


The Parc de Bagatelle is an unmissable place in Paris. Imbued with magic and steeped in history, this botanical garden located near the Bois de Boulogne extends over 25 hectares and reveals landscapes that attract Parisians for a day and always in search of poetry.

Its construction would be the result of a daring bet between Queen Marie-Antoinette and the Count of Artois. In barely sixty-four days, we would have seen the erection of this now iconic park as well as the Château de Bagatelle it houses, also nicknamed the Folie d’Artois. Now classified as a Historic Monument, it should, according to the terms of the challenge, be built in less than three months.

It is a green tea from the EVASION collection which includes a wide variety of teas and infusions which pay homage to imaginary or real places and which make travel the time of a tea…

Available in several formats, cardboard refill of 50g or 100g.